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The Twin Feinics are coming to you exhausted from the con crunch and were chitchatting about how we will be at Monster Mania friday march 8th and Big Apple Con March 9th and 10th.

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The Twins are back and they are trying something NEW! they were dual streaming on their Twitch which you can subscribe and follow them at www.twitch.com/thefeinicsgatepodcast and also on their facebook where you can also like and subscribe to at www.facebook.com/thefeinicsgatepodcast and it was a trip!

We covered our favorite February moments and recapped #Darkbeersmatter month as well as tonights edition to the Epic Beer Snobbery. 

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The Twin Phoenixes are back and they have a special guest with them. Travelers say hello to Erick! 

Us three old farts are talking transformers and other classics from when we grew up in the 80s and 90s. 

Original air date: 2/20/2019

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The Phoenix Twins threw open the Gate again and talking about some more triggering topics! 


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The Twin Phoenixes are back for their quarter century episode! And we get nitty gritty talking about what influenced us to become the people we are.



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Jade was at the 1 year anniversary party for Podcast City Network. Shes joined by Everett Lee of the Everett Lee show.

Jade does her own beer snobbery!!

Join her and Everett as they give their predictions for the Royal Rumble

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The Twin Phoenixes are back and tackling a sensitive issue that plagues the world and the cosplay scene in particular: Sexism. 

TRIGGER WARNING this cast is just our personal opinions and experiences. we do not condone sexism rather we condemn it. 

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The Phoenix Twins are back for more shenanigans! 

We have our weekly beer snobbery with Josh Feinics and we announce our new social media platforms, Twitter and Twitch! and we are now on Spotify!

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Tune in next week for more fun with the Twins! 

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Happy 2019 Travelers!

Jade and Josh are back for their first episode of the year and were just going to talk about the coming year and whats coming for Feinics Gate in the following months.

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Tune in next week for another fun filled episode

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Its Jade and Joshs last episode of the year! The two witches are telling ya about different Pagan Traditions from around the world including Krampus, Yule, Winter Solstice, and a few others!

Join us as the Gate opens for the last time in 2018!

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